Founding Sponsors

Berkeley thanks the following Founding Sponsors who grasped the Berkeley Changemaker vision early on and have been critical in catalyzing its launch:

This workshop was very insightful and eye-opening for me as a first-generation student. Being in leadership positions, I never really took the time to evaluate what the culture of our organization or team was. I was never really coached on how to be an effective leader and how to create real and valuable change in groups that were not aligning to their goals and purpose. Through this workshop, I learned how significant the culture of a space can be and how much of a role it plays when deciding between two options. As Rich Lyons mentioned in the workshop, culture of different organizations, workplaces always existed, yet recognizing them as a gear factor to contribute to a decision is something that is very valuable and efficient in the long run. I am super grateful for this workshop and am eager to take a Berkeley Changemaker class soon!
Anmol Walia, a recipient of the Cal Alumni Association’s The Achievement Award Program scholarship, is a sophomore studying microbial biology on a pre-med track.
Students listening to lecture

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Big Ideas

Big Ideas has partnered with Berkeley Changemaker® in the creation of two new academic courses to accompany the Big Ideas Contest. Big Ideas is an annual contest and educational support ecosystem aimed at providing funding, support, and encouragement to interdisciplinary teams of students who have creative solutions to pressing challenges. Since its founding in 2006, Big Ideas has inspired innovative and high-impact student-led projects aimed at solving problems that matter to this generation. By encouraging novel proposals and then supporting concrete next steps, Big Ideas is helping students think of themselves as innovators -- and they go on to make an impact all over the world.

Big Ideas supports students at the very early stages of developing their ideas. Often, students who compete in Big Ideas have never entered an innovation contest or written a real-world proposal. The Contest challenges students to step outside of their traditional university-based academic work, take a risk, and use their education, passion, and skills to work on problems important to them.

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Cal Alumni Association (CAA)

The Cal Alumni Association has partnered with UC Berkeley to introduce Cal alumni and student communities to the groundbreaking, interdisciplinary Berkeley Changemaker curriculum. We're thrilled to continue to partner with our friends at the CAA to present workshops to CAA Alumni Scholars.

Center for Social Sector Leadership (CSSL)

The Center for Social Sector Leadership and the Berkeley Changemaker have partnered on offering staff workshops, as well as in the creation of two new academic courses. CSSL trains and equips global leaders, across sector,  industry, and communities with the skills and hands-on experience required to change the world. CSSL leverages world-class undergraduate and graduate courses on social impact leadership, entrepreneurship, investing and consulting; advances faculty research, provides experiential learning opportunities, and forges key partnerships to develop leaders to achieve social impact as part of their Berkeley education.

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Chief Technology Office

Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grants

The Berkeley Changemaker is proud to partner with the Chief Technology Officer on a series of Technology Innovation Grants.

Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grants fund transformative ideas with real applications that benefit the Berkeley campus.

Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grants provide financial incentives to bring together individual ideas and excellence from across Berkeley's decentralized campus, fostering connections and developing institutional awareness and support to expand positive impact. In Berkeley Changemaker spirit, these awards help visionaries bring their ideas to life, and scale them across the wider institition to make Berkeley more effective, efficient and forward-looking.

College Writing Programs

Our fruitful collaborations with our colleagues at College Writing Programs has led to the creation of multiple new courses, including Berkeley Changemaker: Writing the Change We Seek and Berkeley Changemaker: Public Speaking. To learn more about our suite of Berkeley Changemaker courses, please click here.

Haas Digital

All videos for our gateway course were designed and produced by our talented colleagues at Haas Digital.

School of Public Health

Berkeley Changemaker is proud to partner with our colleagues at the School of Public Health as they empower changemakers in public health. Our first Berkeley Changemaker + Public Health course opened for enrollment in Fall 2022.

Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET)

SCET has partnered with Berkeley Changemaker to offer multiple courses, including the A. Richard Newton Lecture Series: A Berkeley Changemaker Course, a foundational requirement of SCET's Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology.

This lecture series recognizes the entrepreneurial vision of A. Richard Newton, Dean of UC Berkeley’s College of Engineering from 2000 to 2007, by inviting distinguished innovators to share lessons from their own successes and failures. The course features a selection of highly accomplished industry speakers, including Cal alumni, who share their unique insights on industry developments, leadership, and innovation accumulated through experience in their careers. 

I was excited about learning about the legacy of Berkeley Changemakers. Before...I thought being a changemaker was an independent act. Now, I realize that my work as a changmaker [sic] is an active continuation of "good" throughout Berkeley campus and the world. Not only will I be supplied with tools from this course, but I can learn from those before me. I personally am more excited to be a part of something greater than me. Changemaking is a movement and a movement flourishes with people.
L&S C12 Student & Berkeley Changemaker

See Diane Dwyer ('84) Interview Noah East ('22) and CIEO Rich Lyons about the Berkeley Changemaker

Becoming a "Berkeley Changemaker™"

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