Berkeley thanks the following "seed" funders who grasped the Berkeley Changemaker vision early on and have been critical in catalyzing its launch:

I was excited about learning about the legacy of Berkeley Changemakers. Before...I thought being a changemaker was an independent act. Now, I realize that my work as a changmaker [stet] is an active continuation of "good" throughout Berkeley campus and the world. Not only will I be supplied with tools from this course, but I can learn from those before me. I personally am more excited to be a part of something greater than me. Changemaking is a movement and a movement flourishes with people.
L&S C12 Student & Berkeley Changemaker

See Diane Dwyer ('84) Interview Noah East ('22) and CIEO Rich Lyons about the Berkeley Changemaker

Becoming a "Berkeley Changemaker™"

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Click here to learn about the innovative projects and experiments funded by Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation grants.

California Alumni Association

The California Alumni Association has partnered with UC Berkeley to introduce Cal alumni and student communities to the groundbreaking, interdisciplinary Berkeley Changemaker™ curriculum.

Chief Technology Office

Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grants

The Berkeley Changemaker is proud to partner with the Chief Technology Officer on a series of Technology Innovation Grants.

Berkeley Changemaker™ Technology Innovation Grants fund transformative ideas with real applications that benefit the Berkeley campus.

Berkeley Changemaker Technology Innovation Grants provide financial incentives to bring together individual ideas and excellence from across Berkeley's decentralized campus, fostering connections and developing institutional awareness and support to expand positive impact. In Berkeley Changemaker spirit, these awards help visionaries bring their ideas to life, and scale them across the wider institition to make Berkeley more effective, efficient and forward-looking.

Haas Digital

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