Berkeley Changemaker Certificate of Completion

Earn a Berkeley Changemaker Certificate of Completion!

Berkeley Changemaker Certificate of Completion

The Berkeley Changemaker® program incorporates three key through-lines of its curriculum: critical thinking, communication and collaboration into an array of interdisciplinary courses offered by departments across the Berkeley campus. The program is now proud to recognize the students who, through their commitment to effecting change, have completed three or more courses selected from the suite of Berkeley Changemaker designated courses.

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Requirements To Earn the Certificate

All students must be UC Berkeley matriculated students who complete a minimum of 3 courses and a minimum of 5 units of instruction. A grade of C or above (or Pass for the Newton series) must be earned in each class to qualify for the certificate. Repeated courses will only be counted once. Students can only count one course from the Newton series towards the certificate.

NOTE: If you are graduating before December 2024 then either The Berkeley Changemaker or Living With Agency are strongly recommended. If you graduate after December 2024, one of those two courses is required among the courses you count toward the certificate.

Certificate Information

To earn the certificate, students select courses available in the Berkeley Changemaker list of approved courses. Other courses may become available as they are approved for the curriculum. After completing three courses and a minimum of 5 units, students must email to request the certificate and send a copy of their transcript. In addition, students must fill out this form:

Students will receive an electronic badge that can be shared on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. In addition, the student will receive a personalized, digital certificate that the student can manually add to LinkedIn or share via email or social media platforms.

Substitutions and waivers are not allowed. Courses that count towards the certificate must be a Berkeley Changemaker-designated course during the semester the course is taken and must from the published list of Berkeley Changemaker courses. Each course can only be applied once towards the earning of the certificate. This certificate can only be earned once per student.







Semester first offered as BC Course

L&S C12 L&S The Berkeley Changemaker         2  SUMMER 2020 
L&S C196C L&S The Berkeley Changemaker         2  SUMMER 2022 
UGBA C12 Haas The Berkeley Changemaker         2  SPRING 2021 
UGBA C196C Haas The Berkeley Changemaker         2  SUMMER 2022 
CHEM 171H Chemistry Berkeley Changemaker:The Green Materials Innovation Challenge         3  SPRING 2023 
COLWRIT 4B, R&C R4B L&S Berkeley Changemaker: Writing the Change We Seek         4  SPRING 2021 
COLWRIT 11 L&S Berkeley Changemaker: Public Speaking     1 - 2  FALL 2021 
DESINV 198 DeCal (DESINV) Sample Mode: Intro to Sound Design Beat-making and Creative Music Technologies DeCal - A Berkeley Changemaker ® Course         2 SPRING 2023
EDUC W190 Education Berkeley Changemaker + Critical Studies in Education         4  FALL 2021 
ENGIN 183 / 283 ENGIN Deplastify the Planet: How to Master the Sustainable Transition - A BC Course         3  SPRING 2023 
ENGIN 183/283 ENGIN  Leadership Exploration and Discovery (LEAD): A Berkeley Changemaker® Course          3  SPRING 2024 
INDENG 183A (formerly INDENG 95/195/295) ENGIN Berkeley Changemaker + Newton         1  SPRING 2021 
ENGIN 283A ENGIN Berkeley Changemaker + Newton (graduate)    SPRING 2021 
ENGIN 183C ENGIN Challenge Lab: Design of Plant-Based Foods: A Berkeley Changemaker Course         4  SPRING 2024 
ENG 183C ENGIN Challenge Lab: Transforming Brain Health with Neurotech: A Berkeley Changemaker Course         4  SPRING 2024 
ENG 183C ENGIN Berkeley Changemaker + SportsTech Challenge Lab         4  SPRING 2024 
ENG 183C ENGIN Designing Startups to Transform Society | A Berkeley Changemaker Course         4  SPRING 2024 
ENGIN 183C ENGIN Redefining Success: The Unspoken Rules of an Entrepreneurial Career - A BC Course         4  SPRING 2023 
HUM 12 L&S Berkeley Changemaker: Humanists at Work       2-4 SPRING 2022
IB 75 INTEGBI -- NEW!! Berkeley Changemaker: BioDiscovery, Community, and Culture    SPRING 2024 
INDENG 171 INDENG (IEOR) Berkeley Changemaker: Ethical and effective entrepreneurship in high tech         4  SPRING 2023 
INDENG 185 ENGIN Berkeley Changemaker + Challenge Lab: OpportunityTech and the Future of Work Lab         4  SPRING 2022 
L&S 22 L&S Berkeley Changemaker: Sense, Sensibility and Science         4  SPRING 2022 
PBHLTH 155E Public Health Seeing People: Understanding Homelessness' Roots Stigmas Systems and Solutions + Berkeley Changemaker         3  FALL 2022 
POLSCI 198 L&S Berkeley Changemaker: Topics in International Ethics         1  SPRING 2021 
PUBPOL C164A, C199C, 160AC, ETHSTD C199C PUBPOL Berkeley Changemaker + Labor Studies         5  FALL 2021 
UGBA 13 Haas Berkeley Changemaker: Human Health         2  FALL 2022 
UGBA 96 Haas Special Topics: Big Ideas OnRamp         1  FALL 2021 
UGBA 192N Haas Special Topics: Big Ideas Financial Inclusion         1  SPRING 2022 
UGBA 192T Haas Berkeley Changemaker: Edible Education         2  SPRING 2022 
UGBA 156 (formerly UGBA 157) Haas Berkeley Changemaker: Living with Agency         2  SPRING 2022 
UGBA 159 Haas Becoming a Changemaker: Part of the Berkeley Changemaker Suite of Courses         2 SPRING 2024
UGBA 191L Haas Leadership Communication: A Berkeley Changemaker Course         3 SPRING 2024
UGBA 192T-1 (confirm #) Haas -- NEW!! Sustainable Capilatism in the Nordics: A Berkeley Changemaker Course-Robert Strand         1 SPRING 2024

Requirements To Earn the Certificate

  • complete a minimum of 3 courses and a minimum of 5 units of instruction. 
  • Earn a grade of C or above (or Pass for the Newton series)  

Note: Repeated courses will only be counted once. Students can only count one course from the Newton series towards the certificate.

NameCertificate Issued
Akhil VentakeshFall 2023
Aurora Khatibi GarrityFall 2023
Divyesh Shanker TanejaFall 2023
Shruti Kala GattapallyFall 2023
Carlos Collado CapellFall 2023
Sarthak JainSpring 2024
Samhita Kasturi NagubandiSpring 2024
Parneet Kaur VirkSpring 2024

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