What is the Berkeley Changemaker?

Berkeley ChangemakerTM is a way to codify an essential part of what UC Berkeley has always stood for, and judging from early feedback, provides a future-oriented narrative that our whole campus can rally behind, humanists and scientists alike. Its curriculum activates undergraduates’ passions and helps them develop a sharper sense of who they want to be and how to make that happen.

Berkeley Changemaker is a people-vision.

This is its most compelling why. What separates a changemaker from UC Berkeley is that they draw from, and build on, elements that make this university itself unique, including a singular history for leading inclusively and an agency for making society better.

Berkeley Changemaker can be an inspiring unifier.

Berkeley’s uniqueness in its breadth-plus-depth of intellectual creativity provides an opportunity to integrate disciplines as no other university can -- and  departments all across campus are seeing themselves in the narrative.

Berkeley Changemaker can be identity-making.

Changemaking is at the heart of the Berkeley identity. It's time to double down.

Questioning the status quo and serving the community are certainly important themes right now. These values are why I chose Berkeley and I am glad we are taking the time to analyze how we can act on those values in the interest of building a better world.
Isha Soni, Class of 2024, L&S12 Student, and Berkeley Changemaker
So, as someone who had relatively little guidance as to how I could be a leader, changemaker, and effective teammate before this course, I am more than excited to instill the lessons I've learned into my everyday life. Since the course, I've started a project with a fellow changemaker, have set aside the time for an organization I'm hoping to develop and have begun planning for future endeavors!
Cyn Gomez, Class of 2024, L&S12 Student and Berkeley Changemaker
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Photo credit: Jim Block

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As a rising senior looking for a course to take during the summer...I decided to add this course was because of how many different leaders from various majors throughout the campus would be invited to be guest speakers and share their passions and experiences pertaining to leadership within their specific fields...In a sense we were given the honor to talk to the giants that paved a way and len[t] a shoulder to us evergrowing future giants.
YeRin Jun, Class of 2021, L&S C12 Student, and Berkeley Changemaker

Over 1,250 (and counting!) students have enrolled in Berkeley Changemaker courses since July 2020.

Credit: Jim Block

Credit: Jim Block

Berkeley Changemaker Highlights

  • Enrollment is open for our Summer 2021 Course 12: The Berkeley Changemaker
  • Over 1,250 students have enrolled in Berkeley Changemaker courses in the last eight months.
  • Our second staff workshop, Managing Turbulence: A Berkeley ChangemakerTM Workshop,  will be on February 24 at 1pm. Click on the link to register.
  • Our first Berkeley Changemaker staff development workshop, "YOU are a Berkeley Changemaker!,"  enrolled over 120 staff members from across campus. 
  • "The Berkeley Changemaker" gateway Course 12 is now offered all three semesters.
  • The most recent Course 12 offering earned a course effectiveness rating of 6.45/7.
BERKELEY CHANGEMAKER is a trademark of The Regents of the University of California through its Berkeley campus.  It is not affiliated with any third parties using “changemaker” or similar terms