How has the Berkeley Changemaker been so successful at creating a sense of community for our traditionally underserved students? 

Whether you major in the Humanities or a STEM field, we are confident that everyone can be a Berkeley Changemaker and welcome all students to enroll in our courses. We've created special upper-division sections of our gateway course to welcome our incoming Transfer students. We also make special outreach to high school guidance counselors, to our athlete-scholars via the Athletic Study Center, and to students at Stiles Hall.

The Berkeley Changemaker Program can be thought of as a wider, more inclusive way to teach entrepreneurial thinking. On every metric tracked by UC Berkeley, our Berkeley Changemakers are more diverse than the general undergraduate population.

Words like founder, venture, innovation, and entrepreneurship are not words that a lot of young people feel included in. By using the term "Berkeley Changemaker," we reach students across many disciplines who might not naturally use this vocabulary to describe their entrepreneurial thinking. These students have a strong passion for problem-solving and resonate with the identity of being a Berkeley Changemaker.

Group of students presenting in a Berkeley Changemaker class
BERKELEY CHANGEMAKER is a registered trademark of The Regents of the University of California through its Berkeley campus.  It is not affiliated with any third parties using “changemaker” or similar terms.