Kevin O'Donohue

Image of Kevin O'Donohue
Kevin O’Donohue has over 30 years experience in private
equity, finance, and management consulting. He spent most
of his career at BC Partners as managing partner and head
of investor relations and fundraising. During his tenure, BC
Partners established one of the top-performing track records
in the industry, and increased assets under management
from under $200 million to over $18 billion.
Kevin also has experience in investment banking with
Merrill Lynch specializing in leveraged buyouts and private
placements. He worked as a marketing executive in brand
management for Jacobs Suchard in Bremen, and as a
management consultant for McKinsey in Hamburg.
Kevin currently manages his own investment office and
consulting business, and serves on the boards of several
investee companies and nonprofit organizations. He earned
a BS from UC Berkeley and an MBA from Stanford Graduate
School of Business. Kevin and his wife, Laura, live in New
York City.