PROGRAM DATES:  July 1 – Aug 9, 2024


  • UC Berkeley Students and General Public - June 15, 2024

  • International Students who require a student visa - May 1, 2024

*Due to space limitations, you are encouraged to apply early and well before the deadlines.


(plus a $25 application fee for non-UCB students)


If you are a student contemplating a future in college athletics administration, sports agency leadership, professional sports management or simply interested in gaining a better understanding on the current sports business trends, this exciting program is designed for undergraduate students interested in the dynamic and multi-faceted sports industry and related best practices.

Through lectures and guest speaker presentations, you will be exposed to common business practices specific to college and professional sports, in the areas of marketing, multi-media rights, finance, personal branding, technology and leadership. You will sharpen your critical thinking skills as you delve into developing tangible ideas and utilizing innovative solutions and technologies to solve real issues within the sports industry.  Furthermore, you will gain valuable insight on possible career paths that will be useful as you ponder a future in sports management.

With an emphasis on making positive change in the world, the Berkeley Changemaker® program incorporates the three key core pillars of its curriculum: critical thinking, communication and collaboration into an array of interdisciplinary courses offered by departments across the Berkeley campus. In this program, we aim for Berkeley Changemakers clarify and identify the impact they wish to make in the world by using essential skills to solve complex problems, develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and hone the skills they need to make positive change.

Berkeley Changemakers are empowered to become leaders no matter where they are and in what direction life takes them. Through critical thinking, students recognize opportunities for changemaking and develop a plan for action. Students learn key communication strategies and build confidence when speaking publicly, in particular, when telling their story and as they encourage others to share their vision. Through key collaboration skills, students have the ability to work in teams and across boundaries, leveraging diversity as an asset to bring ideas into action. The ultimate goal of the courses in the Berkeley Changemaker program is to create strong leaders and future change makers that will change the world in meaningful ways. The program will complement lectures with presentations from athletes and professionals with real-world experience. 

Participants in the Berkeley Changemaker Summer Academy will earn a certificate of completion for their active participation in the program and upon achieving a grade of C or above in these graded courses:

  • UGBA 194S: Sports Management, Instructor: Solly Fulp
  • UGBA 192T.3: Equity Fluent Leadership, Personal Brand, and NIL (Name, Image, Likeness), Instructor: Kellie A. McElhaney
  • ENGIN 183: Sports Startup CatalystInstructor: Mark Searle

A "Pass" grade will not be accepted towards earning the certificate.


UGBA – 196: Sports Management

This course will focus on the leading influencers and business practices within the sports industry with an emphasis on college athletics. Subjects researched, reviewed and discussed will range from college athletics operating budgets, NCAA/Conference present day issues, NIL, naming rights, multi-media rights, sport marketing agencies, college and professional sports leadership, coaching and student-athlete experiences.

Students will have the opportunity to engage with sports industry professionals and guest speakers on a variety of present-day business practices. A group case study will be assigned. Students are tasked with identifying a college or professional athletics challenge and finding a viable/unified solution.

Learning Outcomes:

●      Identify, understand and critically assess the present-day business issues of college athletics.

●      Determine and evaluate the responsibilities, pressures and commitments of the student-athlete, coach and athletics department administrator.

●      Question, interact and network with sports industry leaders and professionals.

●      Broader understanding to the sports industry and knowledge of how to pursue career opportunities.


UGBA 192T.3: Equity Fluent Leadership, Personal Brand, and NIL (Name, Image, Likeness)

This is a course about equity, core values, purpose, personal brand, and most of all- Leadership.  This course prepares you to explore and develop Equity Fluent Leadership strategies based on your social identities, core values, and purpose; to be intentional about designing your personal brand; to create your personal leadership story; and finally, to express and pitch your brand externally.

Let’s be clear:  We are all branding, all the time.  We have a brand on our social media sites, on our LinkedIn profiles, in our job interviews, on our teams, in our clubs, and most importantly- as you grow and develop as a leader. Now is a critically important time to take a leadership course focused on equity and ways in which to use your power, your voice, and your personal brand.  This course will prepare you to be Equity Fluent Leaders who ignite and accelerate change.  It is a highly engaging, interactive, and hands-on course, and you will learn from a host of professionals from the athletics and corporate world. This course is designed to help empower student athletes as they navigate Name, Image, Likeness (NIL).

Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore, understand, and reflect on your own lived experience, social identity, power, privilege, and how these shape the way you move through the world
  • Listen to and learn from others’ lived experiences, identities, power, privilege, and marginalization
  • Reflect on your core values and purpose, and how you will be intentional about using them as a North Star to guide you
  • Learn strategies and tools to become Equity Fluent Leaders who use their power to ignite and accelerate positive change in the world
  • Question, interact and learn from your classmates, teachers, industry leaders and professionals who bring their unique voices and thoughts on these topics
  • Design your personal brand, value proposition and voice, and pitch it through your story
  • Become equipped to become a leader in your sport/ club/ endeavors, as well as to become an effective leader in the world

Course Components
This course is organized in the following content areas:
1. Equity Fluent Leadership
2. Social Identities- Self and Others’
3. Core Values, Purpose and Your Why
4. Personal Brand
5. Your Unique Brand and Leadership Pitch


ENGIN 183: Sports Startup Catalyst

The course will build fundamental and foundational skills required for creating successful new business ventures, with a specific focus on sports industries.

Students will work in teams, because nobody succeeds alone.  Together we will immerse ourselves in the processes of problem identification and definition, team formation and cohesion, solution ideation, product, service, and business model design and validation.  We will do it all in a hands-on, interactive, and collaborative environment, where teams will learn from their own experiences, while also helping their classmates, learning from the lead instructor, each other, and possibly outside speakers & mentors.

Whether the specific ideas students pursue in the class ultimately launch into the world or not – and we hope some will! – students will come away with a deeper understanding of the different toolsets, skillsets, and mindsets required to create new businesses that deliver real-world impact and help create the future.



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Program Benefits:

Learn with UC Berkeley faculty (the same faculty that teach many of our current UC Berkeley courses) from Haas and the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (SCET)! Attend rigorous academic courses with instructor with both academic with real-world experience

Earn transferable units! Earn a transcript of completed units to transfer back to your university (at the receiving university's discretion - must check with your college advisor for acceptance of units)

Interact with Industry Professionals! Meet industry leaders, athletes and professionals through guest speaker sessions

Build your network! Take advantage of network opportunities with UC Berkeley staff, administrators, and local and international students 

Explore the Berkeley Campus and beyond! Through scheduled excursions and tours, explore the beauty of the UC Berkeley campus and relevant sport-related highlights in the Bay Area.


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Due to space limitations, you are encouraged to apply early. All applications are reviewed and admission decisions are rendered 10-14 days after submitting a complete application.

The ideal student for this program will demonstrate a strong academic record, well-rounded extracurricular experience, and clear academic and career goals.

All applicants must be 18 years old or over and must have completed at least one full semester of university-level studies.

NOTE: After submitting your application, you will be notified within 10-14 days if you are accepted into the program. You will then be provided with acceptance letter with the necessary information to enroll and pay your fees.

International Student Information

International students participating in the Berkeley Changemaker Summer Academy must comply with all UC Berkeley Summer Sessions requirements to obtain an I-20 that allows students the ability to study in the U.S.

If you are accepted into the program and require an I-20 to study in the U.S., you will be directed to apply for your I-20 here:

"Applying for Your Student Visa"

All students from countries in which the official language is not English are required to submit official evidence of English language proficiency. 

"The English Proficiency Requirements"

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